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About us

Richardsons Financial Services are independent financial advisers, offering advice on investments, pensions and life assurance. With our mix of staff we are also able to offer more detailed tax-advice, including inheritance tax planning.

Our advice is individual and based on an understanding of each client’s specific requirements and priorities. We take account of existing plans and can review them and report on where they fit with your current situation. It is only when we have a full understanding of your financial position that we will recommend a suitable solution.

Richardsons has been offering financial advice since 1987 and has clients with substantial pensions or savings plans, right through to those who have contacted us to arrange life assurance or income protection plans. We also work with a number of employers providing group pension plans, company directors seeking effective personal financial strategies. Financial needs vary at different points in your life and we work with our clients to ensure the most appropriate solutions are offered.

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